All recommendations are from real clients, struggling with real issues, who have been empowered through Hypnosis. To ensure privacy, many of these testimonials have been made anonymous.

“Alison is a kind and knowledgeable professional with a keen insight and understanding of human nature. She is a pleasure to work with, as well as a person who will help her clients get the results they desire. Alison has personal integrity that fosters open communication which then leads to positive change and growth in her clients.”

“I highly recommend Alison Sonenfeld for help in quitting smoking. She is highly skilled and very good at her job. She provides a nice, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere to put you at ease. I have had great success with her. Positive thinking and thoughts can work miracles.”

“Alison’s ability to aptly listen to my goals and craft treatment sessions that skillfully addressed them is remarkable. I leave my sessions feeling more relaxed and able to address the stress and anxiety that I experience as a result of having an emotionally charged career.”

“Alison has been tremendously helpful to me in coping with my challenges of stress and low self esteem. I have a very stressful job and I feel that I can now cope so much more effectively. I’m actually enjoying my job much more than I used to. I just feel better about myself.”

“I really wanted to let go. I wanted to stop letting the past keep me from moving on with my life. And I needed some help. Through hypnosis, Alison helped me to make space in my life for the good things by helping me let go of what did not need to be there anymore. I tried to do it on my own, many times before, but always had little success. By the end of our first session, I felt noticeably different about the past relationship that had prevented me from moving on. It was such a breath of fresh air not to have it occupy me anymore. After our second session, I felt such a wonderful sense of freedom and control. It was so freeing not to have the relationship matter any longer. I credit Alison for helping me to let go, forgive, and move on. She helped me discover the root of the issue by taking a look at my past, which is such invaluable information for me to have. She helped me move on to be able to experience bigger and better things. And I cannot thank her enough.”

“I’ve been working with Alison as a weight loss coach and I am impressed with her wide range of coaching skills. She has helped me design a food plan that is customized to my needs, and reinforces my choices with hypnotherapy. I have changed several key habits and my weight loss is slow and steady-just like I like it.”
– Lac Vicki Lind, MS, Career Counselor and Marketing Coach