For over a decade I have helped hundreds of people meet and maintain weight loss goals from 10 pounds to over 100 pounds. Imagine having your subconscious mind working for you instead of against you. Imagine attaching to the strongest and most capable parts of yourself. The deeper mind holds the key to your success. Since this isn’t a “cookie cutter” program, there is no particular diet that you must follow. This method is as individual as you are.

What to Expect in a weight loss session:

I start with coaching by asking questions to understand which of the underlying issues are most suitable to your weight issues.

1) We address underlying causes of weight issues and ineffective eating patterns, such as:

  • Defiance in following your healthy intentions
  • Personal food history and habits
  • Pressures from family and culture
  • Lack of mindfulness around eating
  • Unconscious and mindless eating
  • Stress and trauma
  • Social eating behaviors
  • Emotional eating
  • Alternating restricting and binging behaviors

2) We review your recent challenges and successes such as how you’ve been able to manage:

  • Choosing a healthy food plan
  • Managing dining out
  • Healthy snacking
  • Avoiding trigger foods such as sugar, fat, chocolate or salt
  • Staying accountable to yourself

3) Together we design and implement a plan of action for:

  • Eating with balance
  • Finding solutions to challenges
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Strengthening your commitment to yourself
  • Learning to release and manage stress and emotions
  • Learning to let go of old unsuccessful thoughts and behaviors
  • Enhancing motivation
  • Ending self sabotage
  • Creating and reinforcing powerful new behaviors

Let’s talk about your goals