Are you feeling stuck in old useless habits or reoccurring negative thoughts?

Are you ready to try a completely different approach?

Perhaps you have been frustrated by trying to lose weight or change other harmful behaviors — but nothing really changes. You may have gained insight into what you do and why you do it. Yet you still continue to do the same destructive things.

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I can help you find solutions for:


Healthy Eating and Self-Care

You have not been able to apply what you know about diet and fitness. You are now ready to enjoy balanced eating and maintain your new healthy habits.



You might feel that you have more to deal with than you can handle. You wonder if you can continue to cope with the pressures in your life. You want to feel more relaxed.



You have stopped and restarted several times. You now want to stop smoking for good.



Your fear holds you back from engaging in normal activities. You want to have more ease in social+situations, a doctor’s office, public speaking, or traveling.


Academic & Athletic Performance

Fear interferes with your ability to do your best. You want to accomplish freely and without limitations.


Change self-talk

Your inner critic creates negative thoughts that make you feel anxious, sad and hopeless. Use your active inner voice to help you reach your goals, gain confidence, feel more relaxed and perform better.

Now, imagine yourself discarding old worn-out stories.
My role is to help you discover, believe in, and become your new success story.

“I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The Astonishing Light Of your own Being.” – Hafiz

Let’s talk about your goals.

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