Through hypnosis, my clients have made powerful and lasting changes in their lives by using their own inherent healing capacities. We achieve this by tapping into motivation and desire to actualize a more resourceful and stronger inner state — there are no gimmicks.


I start by asking questions to understand your unwanted behavior patterns and accompanying thoughts so I can incorporate the most helpful messages into the hypnosis.

1) I seek first to understand the history of your habit or phobia.

  • Patterns of successes and failures
  • Defiance in following your healthy intentions
  • Pressures and limiting beliefs from family and culture
  • How you talk to yourself about this issue
  • Life stresses and trauma

2) We review what is already in your tool kit.

  • Awareness from past or current therapy
  • Avoiding trigger situations
  • Meditation, yoga, affirmations
  • Creative outlets
  • Reward systems
  • Exercise and healthy eating
  • Identifying underlying emotions

3) I induce a gentle hypnotic state. I develop messages that are individualized to what I have learned about your background, your current challenges and tools.

For most of us, what holds us back lies deep within the subconscious mind. Imagine having your subconscious mind work for your highest good instead of repeating old, useless patterns. Imagine feeling confident, and being at peace instead of battling and punishing yourself as a method of handling your life.

4) Together we will define clear steps to take you toward your goals. We will choose tools for accountability and support that are appropriate to your lifestyle, personality type, life stage and individual needs.

MindBody Radio Interview

“Alison is a kind and knowledgeable professional with a keen insight and understanding of human nature. She is a pleasure to work with, as well as a person who will help her clients get the results they desire. Alison has personal integrity that fosters open communication which then leads to positive change and growth in her clients.”