Initially, our contact will be by phone or email. In this first contact, I will be interested in hearing
about your issues and your expectations. I will mail or email a confidential client intake form for you to
fill out. Because you are in control, your participation in the hypnosis process is critical for your
success. First meetings typically run from 1-1 1/2 hours. Subsequent visits are around an hour. The hypnosis
sessions take place in a quiet, calming, and peaceful atmosphere, either in your own favorite space by Zoom, FaceTime, or phone or in the comfort and privacy of my office. Hypnosis is relaxing and healing. You will be in
complete control and will be even more focused while in a hypnotic state. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Individual Sessions:

All hypnosis sessions will be recorded and emailed to you.

Single one-hour session: $150
In these sessions, I will support and direct you to a more
productive state tailored to your individual needs. Some clients report desired changes after one


Four one-hour sessions: $395

Most clients prefer the discounted package of four sessions.

Coaching and hypnosis package: $550

This package includes:

  • Four one-hour sessions.
  • Two 20-minute telephone coaching support calls between sessions.

Custom Group

Do you have a group with a common goal or challenge? Request a custom program to provide hypnosis
and other tools and help your group to make positive changes.

Did you know that hypnosis for smoking cessation and weight loss is a tax credit?

You can receive a tax credit that reimburses you for money paid for
smoking cessation sessions. You can receive a tax deduction for weight loss sessions with a
written recommendation from a physician.

Have you tried many diets, lost weight, and gained it back again and again?
You would love to have a method to reset your mindset, food choices, and your body image?

Are you ever in denial when it comes to eating issues?
You want to eat with satisfaction and full awareness.

Do you frequently eat when you’re not hungry and don’t stop when you’ve had enough?
You want to successfully manage emotions and boredom with new tools.

Do you feel that your weight or your food choices say anything about your abilities or success?
You want to end the battle with food and the punitive voice that is clearly not helping you manage your weight.

Do you feel angry or ashamed of yourself because of the size of your body?
You are sick and tired of the crippling thoughts and want a more constructive and helpful voice that helps you to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A 24-hour cancellation notice is required except in an emergency or inclement weather. In the event that you do not arrive for your session and proper prior notice has not been made, you will be charged the entire fee for the session. Thank you for your consideration.

“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.”
– Carl

For more information, or to schedule a free 30 minute informational consultation please contact Alison.

Let’s talk about your goals

“Alison’s ability to aptly listen to my goals and
craft treatment sessions that skillfully addressed them is remarkable. I leave my sessions feeling more relaxed
and able to address the stress and anxiety that I experience as a result of having an emotionally charged

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