“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” -Socrates

This will only take 5 minutes of your time (or less). You might be thinking that you don’t really have five minutes during your very busy day. Everyone is so busy! As days slip by have you found yourself more wrapped up in external activities as opposed to what really makes you feel good or even more productive? Consider taking just a few minutes during your day to focus on how you really want to feel in your life versus a mindset of merely “getting through a crazy, busy day”. The reality is because of all of the technology today; we actually have more free time today than we did decades ago. Researchers call it “contaminated time”. Contaminated time is time spent with the tape that runs in our heads about what needs to get done that day. It makes us feel busier than we really are or in extreme situations we can even feel as if we are overwhelmed. It lets us believe that these things have more importance than they actually do.

The bigger problem is that this state only brings you more of what you’ve already got.

Find quiet place and close your eyes and visualize in your mind exactly what you want to feel and things that you want to do. Focus on your desired feelings. Imagine what happens when you follow your emotions. If you are aiming for something particular, visualize how it feels to have achieved your goal already. Visualize or tell yourself what needs to be done in order to get there. Sit with a sense of what you want until you have emotions to accompany the story or vision. The emotional reaction activates your subconscious and gives you a stronger sense of direction and purpose. That part of you which knows and understands what you are asking for, by feeling it. Emotions burn things into the psyche. When you get to a point where there is an emotion actively involved in the thought or vision that you want to experience, you can stop. You have empowered your best feelings and intentions by repeating this simple and fast exercise.
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